Receive International Online Payment in Nepal

Now you can receive online payments (international cards) from your website into your Nepali bank account.

Yes, the time has come to rise eCommerce business in/from Nepal. Now you can accept online payment in Nepal. You can sell your both your product and services online via website. This is a milestone and will be a history in the field of eCommerce and online payment in Nepal.

Being into e-commerce and web business, my only hurdle to my business is accepting payments online. For me i cant receive payments directly in my bank account which my client wants to pay me. I have to get help from my friends and family abroad. Even those who want to sell the Nepali products have the same problem.Overall, for business owners selling via website was a dream.

Now, Is the problem solved?
Yes, i can say yes. Now you can accept international payment (International Credit/Debit cards) via website in Nepal. Now,  its like eCommerce dream come true in Nepal.

How ?
Yes the wait is finally over here. HBL…

Why online reputation management is a major challenge for local business ?

Online Reputation Management is a Major Challenge For Local Business Everyone need to understand what is reputation. Online reputation refers to managing your business/ personal reputation over the Internet. Its same as to offline or real reputation. Your company presence, reviews and customer feedback generally represents reputation. So to manage your reputation over the Internet is called Online Reputation Management (ORM).

Understanding Online Reputation.
Business have good and bad reviews , everyone will not be happy of your service and you cant even make everyone happy. Being satisfied lies in each person perception. If you have a business online then you must check each reviews and feedback's of your customer. This is called online reputation. You may not know your online reputation unless you want to find it. So maintaining your company good things over Internet is called managing your reputation.

Online Reputation Management 
You must work hard to manage your online reputati…

Checklist: What will affect SEO rankings of your website?

Checklist: What will affect SEO rankings of your website?

SEO-  Search Engine Optimization is always integral part of website development, promotion and making the website successful. In the past websites used to be developed first and optimization was done after the website was completed. But, it’s not the same now, optimization is also the major part of development. A new website developed must be well optimized to meet the SEO standards. Let’s take a short look at the things that will affect the SEO rankings and overall rankings of the website in the major search engines result.
Domain Name: After all domain is also called the concept and idea after the successful business. While searching for "Nepal", it’s obvious domain name "Nepal" is on priority unless search algorithm believes there are more optimized content  for "Nepal". Though domain name is not a major support on SEO here are few things you must know while choosing domain name.
make sure the doma…

Social Media in SEO

Social Media in SEO : How social media helps in ranking your website? Social Media Optimization is now the base for Quality Links, Organic Traffic for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Even Google ranks social media as one of ranking factors. In this blog I will discuss mainly how social media came strongly as a SEO factors. How SEO is effected by social media. I will also discuss a case study on how your website ranking jumps high with your good presence in  social media. I am making you aware about Social Media's role in today's SEO.
The Evolution of Social Media in SEO  Lets get back to those days when we only had SEO options. Content, Paid and referral links were the source of ranking factors. We could attract your visitors with your content, images, videos , slang, slogans, keywords, phrases, description, tags and links for your web page. We were right, everything was working good. We could get a return on investment (ROI) from SEO technique. Getting organic visitors was…

Learn the basics of SEO

Beginner’s Guide to SEO : Tips and Useful links for SEO  In this Blog, I am helping you learn some Basics of SEO. I am dedicated for right, accurate information and guidelines for the complete search engine optimization. My aim is to update and provide information through blog and make aware the local webmasters/ business owners/ students who have just started their website and web business.

If you have started a website or a web business. Here are a few things you need to care about your website online presence. How you can be update your website in Google and other search engines. We have listed out the basic guidelines for SEO. You don’t need to be a technical person to understand our blogs.
First, check your website if your website is listed by major search engines like Google, yahoo and Bing. Just type your company name (website name) in the search box. If you find your company website link you have passed the first step. Else you must submit your site in major search engines, j…

Google “Mobile Friendly” Algorithm Update

Is your website responsive/ Mobile-Friendly?Why Nepali Website Owners must be aware about Mobile-Friendly/ Responsive Update ?

It was back in February 26, 2015, Google released “Mobile Friendly” algorithm update which clearly stated that every website must be device friendly to display in google search result in mobile device. Your website will rank higher in mobile device search result.
Below is what i have written in 2015, and now again, understanding the importance i am writing this to make you all aware about this update. Why do you need Mobile friendly website. What if you dont have a responsive website. Please read below.
Responsiveness by Google!! **********FROM 2015 blog. Google “Mobile Friendly” Algorithm Update what does this actually means ?

What is Google doing on April 21, 2015?

This is what Google said “Finding more mobile-friendly search results” in its official Webmaster Central Blog. It explains Google will change it's search result for mobile devices starting Apri…

Facebook Ad in Nepal

Today, i will provide you information about Facebook ad in Nepal,  mostly history of Facebook, understanding Facebook ad, how to promote, who can promote, the best ways to promote. In overall, i will be writing about Facebook ads in Nepal
History of Facebook Ads in Nepal Its long time we are using Facebook both as personal use and commercial (business) purpose. Facebook was ads free while i used back in 2007. A student who heard Facebook from brother in States.
The history of Facebook ads starts from 2004 itself , and commercially Facebook started Ads globally in 2009-2010.
In Nepal, Facebook ads has a old history of 2010, when i use to work as a intern ( in 2010.
Understanding Facebook ads in Nepal There are more than 7.2 million registered users in Nepal. As we all know to use Facebook. Many users are still unaware about  Facebook ads (sponsored). If you have seen post, photo or video or any other feed, under "sponsored" then its a sponsored content by Facebook…